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Amrita-Saif’s children seem to be taking the same prescriptive path of becoming actors just like their parents.While their son Ibrahim Ali Khan is busy with his education, his sister Sara Ali Khan seems to have captured the film producers’ fancy.We hope that Amrita is no longer single-handedly raising the kids and is doing much better.However, when visiting the aftermath of this bitter and spiteful divorce, one really has to wonder – were they really a match made in heaven after all?Many of the problems associated with their marriage can be attributed to those who got married in such a haste and on an impulse, especially against the wishes of parents. Saif, famously once quoted as “the happiest man in the world,” also once said of his ex-wife that he “strongly felt that you don’t very often meet people who on a chemical level do something right for you” and that he should “hang on to it.” Clearly, feelings change because the short story is that the couple’s marriage lasted for 13 years and yielded two children, son Ibrahim and daughter Sara.Was it simply a case then that the couple grew out of love and that cupid happened to strike Saif Ali Khan twice, in that he left Amrita for Kareena?Amrita added that she even chose Sara and Ibrahim’s apparels for the Saif and Kareena’s wedding.

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While it was believed that Amrita and Saif met each other at a party and seemed to enjoy each other’s company a lot, the truth is that the two met on the sets of a certain Rahul Ruwail film in which Kajol was also a part.

While mom Sharmila and dad Mansoor made their feelings quite clear, the young ‘hero’ was in no mood to relent, leading to the secret Saif Ali Khan Amrita Singh marriage, in October of 1991.

The couple has their ups and downs like most other couples do, but remained with each other for almost thirteen years up until their divorce in 2004.

Amrita had no idea about the kind of reaction that her presence was having on the young Saif, who was decidedly smitten by the actress, so much so that he decided to ask her out for dinner a couple of days later – an act that he had to summon a lot of courage for, as he recalls.[Read More: Saif Kareena Kapoor Wedding ]Amrita was so taken aback by the whole thing that where she would normally muster a stern “I don’t go out for dinner,” she found herself uttering a “I don’t go out for dinner, but you can come over to my place.”As it turns out, Saif, who was interested only in “having a nice time with a very nice person” and Amrita seemed to hit it off on the right foot, with conversation drifting from the professional to the personal and back with a fluid ease, and before they knew it the whole thing was done and they had kissed each other. And so began their story of tumultuous love, and right from the outset, Saif’s parents were disapproving of their relationship.

Among many other things, Amrita Singh was almost twelve years older than the ‘Chota Nawab’ of Pataudi.