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Suda states that No More Heroes 2 will be Travis' last appearance in the series, as his story will be completely finished.

The Californian setting of No More Heroes is partially based on Travis, who Suda stated had a variety of frustrations and emotions that helped him fit in with that setting.

In an interview with Nintendo Power, Suda stated that he wanted Travis to become a huge star, stating that this was one of the reasons he wanted to make Desperate Struggle as interesting as possible.

Nintendo Power editors told Joystiq that Suda considers Travis his favorite character.

Suda was disappointed with the quality of Travis' wrestling techniques, and performed some of them on the animators to demonstrate.

Certain other details of Travis are based on Suda, including the sound of a key ring jingling in his pocket and his love of cats.

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After defeating the nine assassins above him, the final assassin, Dark Star, claims to be his father in a manner reminiscent of Darth Vader.Both can cut through any material, but the mechanism of the Beam Katana involves a beam loop rather than simply a handle, and can also be charged or shoot energy projectiles.Other beam katanas, while lacking the beam loop, have unique blade designs.He is also a fan of a mecha anime series called "Glastonbury", inspired by Space Runaway Ideon, and a moe-driven series, "Bizarre Jelly", a parody of Pretty Cure.Travis' beam katana, Blood Berry, is Travis' primary method of attack.